Emilia Clarke Recites "good 4 u" Using Different Accents | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Publisert 21. juli. 2021
Jimmy challenges Emilia Clarke to recite Olivia Rodrigo’s "good 4 u" while switching between different types of accents, like Southern and Irish.

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Emilia Clarke Recites "good 4 u" Using Different Accents | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


  • Wow that was impressive - love Emilia

  • so talented

  • Great person love her

  • Emilia is sooooooo talented😍😍

  • Just wow. 🤩

  • She is so good and talented.

  • Every time she does an accent, it feels as if she's actually from that place. And since she's really good at accents, how do we know her British Accent is even her real accent, hmm?


  • I keep falling in love with her

  • Jimmy was shocked and mesmerized 😂🤣🤣

  • That was amazing, actually.

  • Cold, cold like Siberian winter night. 😂

  • So funny!!! She could say something with Portugese or Brazilian accent. It should be funny too.

  • She is so talented!!!!!! It's insane

  • Such a Bad song… Olivia is a Disney product. She is boosted by a massive promotion that's all .. Disney is so powerful.. 🐑 🐑 🐑

  • Shes great

  • 00:50 Does the book title "People in trouble" rhyme?

  • Lovely girl, Emilia...and funny. But very cliche accents. Still, audience was entertained, good for her!

  • The moot point is can she speak Dragonese - the language spoken by dragons?

  • Thanks for letting me see the light, this connected us back together, and I love you

  • Good try..but she failed the Australian accent

  • she's a queen LOL I LOVE HER


  • Sorry but I just dont get the Irish one. Could somebody explain why people got excited when she opened that can, please?

  • She's so pretty ❤️

  • I found her 2021 on NOwine even I don’t know she’s wonderful actress in Hollywood and 🇬🇧 after I am biggest fan of Amelia. also very sweet and lovely lady….Always my love and respect to her from my ❤️until my last breath.

  • Is she a Libra or Scorpio?

  • The French accent was really cute

  • that was nothing

  • LMAO she is an impressive linguist

  • top-notch !!!!

  • Her southern accent is PRI.....STINE. Sheesh.

  • Russian accent sounds a little like German

  • indian n jamaican would v cherry on top if added

  • I was waiting for the hilariously distasteful Chinese and Indian accents lol.

    • I can't say the German accent has been viewed negatively in the same way Asian accents have been. However, German Americans, no matter how long they've been in the country, faced discrimination during WWI in the US. They were profiled and their loyalty was questioned. German names of schools, streets, shops etc. were all changed and the German language was banned in schools and German books were burned. The US just has a long history of targeting various ethnic groups in the country.

    • Your use of the word "distasteful" to describe those two accents is the reason why they weren't included here. Asian accents like Chinese and Indian have always been viewed negatively in the US. They've been used to mock, incite laughter and to otherise people of Asian origin. With a long history of demonising people of Asian origin in the US (e.g. Asiatic Barred Zone Act, Chinese Exclusion Act, Japanese American internment camps and more recently claims that Asian American Olympians like Mirai Nagasu aren't "American" to COVID-19-related violence - things that most Americans are unaware about), the fact that they didn't include a Chinese or Indian accent isn't surprising. The US has a long history of poor race relations so it's no surprise that they stuck to Western accents which haven't been used as political tools to exclude people. The US is just a completely different place compared to the rest of the Western world when it comes to race relations.

  • I can do accents better than her and I am not an actor. The Irish appeared to be intentionally innaccurate. Maybe impersonating the Irish if you are British is akin to blackface: deeply disrespectful all things considered.

  • Her southern accent is sooooo good!

  • La segunda sono como Elizabeth olsen

  • Perfect

  • I'm pretty sure Emelia's my mom, I miss you mommy... No one seems to except me I'm living on the street.

  • Whenever Emilia comes on screen, a big smile comes on too

  • Girls in California, it's so real

  • California valley girl sounds like Kardashians🤣

  • Son accent français est trop bien 😂😂😂

  • Ha, the Crocodile Dundee reference!

  • She's such a beautiful person !

  • Nice but having the accent doesn't mean you say a word in the language or fake a cigarette to be french...These are old stereotype not an accurate impression

  • The german sounds Indian hahahha

  • Are we watching Ellen?

  • can she make me love her even more? this woman is the best!

  • That is talent ❤❤

  • Gosh I love this woman 🔥

  • Emilia is ❤️

  • That German Accent tho lmao :v

  • That's my queen 👑

  • so fine! i mean reeeeaaalllly fine!

  • Hmm... Why is she twisting the face?

  • METS?!

  • Please bring aishwarya ray on the show

  • Dany until to this day I can't forgive and forget the Starks for their betrayal! Dracarys!

  • Perfection

  • As a New Yorker, born and raised, that’s a terrible New York accent.

    • do you think germans or french people speak like that? lol this is just stereotypes

  • recite, more like reinterpret the lyrics as different accents take over her personality lol

  • I don't know what is it, but it's not Russian accent at all.

  • She's too good ISTG

  • This is the amazing and hilarious good 4 u cover that I've seen.

  • Oh lord, she’s so talented 😍

  • Omggg I love her ahahaha!❤

  • She's like the best❤️

  • She's like the best❤️

  • She is so pretty💕

  • That was truly amazing😍 My opinion... She should’ve Been in black widow with that russian accent😅 If you haven’t watched black widow yet... do it!!!

  • She's really good at accents

  • Sorry but rissian accent is almost completely failed

  • She's bloody brilliant 🤯🤯

  • Love her!

  • I've always adored this film

  • Lame. Sorry but that’s five years ago.. thanks..

  • My Queen, forever. Love me some Emilia.

  • Did you know this about Emilia Clarke ⬇️ nowine.info/loft/fG2rbLOrnr2ch5Q/video

  • Wow she is amazing 👏😍

  • The German accent was the best

  • Damn

  • Brilliant !! i love her !

  • PR

  • California valley girl 0:44 sound li SELENA GOMEZ!

  • Literally only her and Niall Horan are the best at doing these different accents😂😂🤩

  • Excellent!

  • Holy shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • i have a question... Why is there no Turkish accent? is this difficult???

  • Emilia Clarke brought out her Valley Girl accent from Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Я думаю, что русский не много получился по немецкий)

  • Но по русски, надо было по русски!)

  • OMG 😂❤️

  • this girl is PERFECT

  • We needed an Indian accent as well🥺

  • She sounded good on all of them except her Aussie accent

  • I Love her❤️