BTS Responds to Rumors About Their Fan Base and Potential Stage Names | The Tonight Show

Publisert 13. juli. 2021
BTS confirms or denies some burning rumors, like what their fan base was almost called or which member sleeps with their eyes open.

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BTS Responds to Rumors About Their Fan Base and Potential Stage Names | The Tonight Show


  • I am a bells( lmao it sounds weird)

  • 💜

  • He said nothing to jungkook

  • Well then thank god we are called army so that we will protect them😎 will forever because it is our job!!!!!!😊

  • Oh my god 😂 rm was so so embarrassed while talking about the first question about the fandom name😂

  • BTS Army💜💜

  • V no one is like him he is so cute he is the brightest start in the constellation of our life

  • Savage v 😎

  • Did I miss it or where was JK's question?


  • V's expressions after RM's words were so funny😂

  • Lol I want to know that KIM TAEHYUNG's friend was failed *Then why did he came for & if he's now alive then what's he feeling now* 😳🙍

  • 3:20 Jin saying call me I will make for u Armys: we don’t have ur number 😂😭 Nothing about jungkook??..

  • Why not rumored about jungkook?

  • Rm so cute , 😘😘

  • 2:45 woah he sounded so american when he said 'true' !

  • V was not even trying to be funny lmao-

  • So Jimin fallon or baby mochi???

  • RM: V sleeps with his eyes open 👀 V: ……….👁👄👁

  • Suga is actually explained about amries parents they dont really understand the lyrics but they said it was fjne 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • BTS 💜💜💜

  • Love you BTS

  • i love BTS so much. You know?

  • 2:52 the expression and the way he said it , he is so adorable 💜

  • I am glad that Jimmy is not questioning weird rumours like them dating and hooking up with fans like ellen thats why I love watching Jimmy and Cordens interviews!

  • Jimmy: So what's the most suprising thing you have learnt from each other in that time? RM: Well, V sleeps with his eyes open V: Yeah... Everyone: .... Jimmy: Is that it? Hahaha I'm rolling in the floor. I love this guys and Jimmy, they're so funny hahahha

  • Hope you guys love it 😉💜

  • Any bell's here🤣

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the fact the jk was just left out like there were no questions/rumors for him and he was just sitting there on the side I feel bad😔

    • Just look for the extended version on this channel

  • Only me!!oh my V so cute 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • How about Jimin corden

  • Why can't I find the clip where Jimmy asked Jungkook about his rumor of being good at everything??

    • @Priyanka Roy

    • @Jessicaelle M. where??

    • It's on this channel tho, the extended version

  • Why is everyone talking about v?

  • Let's go~~~~~

  • Rm

  • Jungkook

  • Jimin

  • Suga

  • Thaeyung

  • Jin

  • J hope

  • justin seagul

  • Hobi😆💜

  • When v said only me It's remind me of jisoo unnie meme 😂


  • Ermoso 💜

  • bell :3

  • I just wasn't sure if "he sleeps with his eyes open" was a diss or just a finding 👀


  • Rm: we learned how to sleep without closing eyes V ( sleeping with open eyes ): yes Me:🤣😂😂😅😅😂😂😂😂can't control my laugh 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅

  • the video is edited! previously it also had Jungkook being asked a question.

    • there is an extended version which has the whole video:))

  • 2:51 you welcome


  • next mv video, let's be jimin fallon ft jimmy fallon

  • Why didnt they ask anything to my junkookieee😡😡

    • @Jessicaelle M. ohh i didnt knew it..thank you

    • Extended version is available

    • Theres a full video too..

    • I was thinking the same. But why... they didn’t ask anything to him. ...???? Bruh...

  • Jungkookie didn't get a question 🥺

  • I can't believe i was almost called if bangwool wasn't enough also seeing jungkook's tattoos almost out in the open was big for me thank you

  • The ways V says he failed his face 😂😂

  • Same as Taehyung wohaaa!! Me also sleep while opening eyes :)

  • Jpn

  • Olympics

  • Why tae so cute...

  • Jhope is so funny! I'm wearing nice clothing with short pants and slippers with socks! Boy, slippers with socks tho :/

  • 😂😂Tae spoke less than 5 words in total. But still nailed it without any effort. Such a show stopper 😁😁 Savage V❤️😍

  • Taehyung seemed so un bothered

  • V sleeps with eyes open 😂

  • We are bell 🛎 😂😂😂😅🤣

  • Jimin: "Hi, I am Jimin Fallon!" Meanwhile... James Cordon: *WELCOME HOME CHEATER*

  • Baby J

  • Jimin fallon also sounds good ✌️💜

  • There's no question for jk??

    • Extended version :

  • Rm:"V sleeps with his eyes open" V:"yeah"

  • Jimin:"hi I'm baby j"

  • V just cracked me up with his facial expression and response 🤣

  • jungkook?

    • Extended version :


  • RM explaining the 'Bell' thing so finely. He's always an amazing leader. 💜

  • Army is The best Name !

  • rm so 🥵

  • Washashumga

  • Why didn't Jk speak? 😔

    • Extended version :

  • Lol BTS should record a video of V sleeping with his eyes open

  • 🥰🥰🥰💖

  • Jimmy : what happened to your friend Tae : He failed , only me His that friend after watching this interview Be like " I'm so sick of this fake love fAkE lOvE " 😂😂😂😂

  • Thalakunsho 😂😂😂v you are so funny even you are not trying to funny

  • V is my current favourite comedian cause he's not even trying to be funny.😂😂😂

  • Eating a sandwich while watching this was the worst decision ever.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💜 Hilarious.

  • What's the most surprising thing you've know of eo Rm - oh! V sleeps with his eyes open😂👍🏻 V - YAA!!😎😏..*proud Kim Taehyung* *inside his head* - Whae whaee😑😢Fakeu love fakeu LOVEE!!😭😭💜

  • So V..what happened to your friend?😂 V - "he failed"🙂 Meanwhile his friend😶.... Fakeu LOVEE😭..FAKEU LOVEE!!😭😭😭😭💜

  • Baby J Jimin Fallon Mochi Chim chim Lachimolala Park Jimin Jimin 😶😶anything else remaining Army?🙂👍🏻💜

  • Hi my bells😌🙂👍🏻💜


  • What about Jungkook??

    • @Jessicaelle M. Thanks

    • Extended version :

  • Tae is so funny

  • did jungkook even say a single word?

    • Extended version :

  • their answers!! bts can really easily make my day. 😌💜

  • indeed, "army's so much better." 😅💜🔔

  • RM: V sleeps with his eyes open V:...... V: yeah Did he just... awake?😂

  • Why didn't Jung Kook ask?

    • Extended version :

  • RM:- V sleeps with his eyes open V after some time :- Yeah My mind:- y he replied so late was he sleeping through the whole interview ??