Zoom Olympics with BTS | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Publisert 1. okt.. 2020
Jimmy challenges RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook of BTS to compete in a series of challenges over Zoom.

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Zoom Olympics with BTS


  • The fact the rounds are saying jungoooo 💀

  • Jin's part I can't stop my laughing.

  • 1:56 When V started with the chicken dance strategy, I died😂💜

  • namjoon shaking that guitar was actually kinda hot

  • super funny

  • Increíble, los amo 👍🏻

  • RM could actually smashed that guitar lol, God of Destruction

  • Rm is the winner.. Cause junkook didn't stopped after the time stopped

  • I'm so happy my favourite is JK , can't stop my happiness ❤️❤️❤️.

  • 1:03Yoongi stans at a Daechwita concert be like:

  • Jungkook is like y’all I wine I win he never gives up he is so competitive

  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜🇲🇽💜💜💜

  • Was jimin doing the counting for JK????

  • RM and jk 🥰🥰🥰😂😂

  • Jungkook is always be a winner...!!


  • I have too much fun watching them😫😂they just make me so happy

  • Suga bopping his head is me every time I hear ugh

  • They have to go back to the house to pick them out for the

  • Everyone in Round 1:*watching* Me: *shaking my head with them like a crackhead* 💀💀

  • jungkoo gets meee

  • jungkoo wins me fells like slapping that thing its jungkook u idiot

  • Wow Wow Wow! You boys sure know how to make my day by making me laugh. Even you make me laugh Jimmy Fallon. Love you BTS!! BTS Army Forever!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Fighting bts

  • Hiiii

  • Jhope♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Bts

  • Jungkook literally got 5 out after the zero sec. 😂 But love that he won. ❤️

  • Yeah. Jk

  • 아~~ 귀여워~~!!!😉

  • Yes

  • Jin is so handsome Just simping over him Not a army.. but watch every song and interview of bts coz of jin ❤❤

  • I knew from the start kookie gonna win. I'm telling u guyzz one day he gonna capture us all and make us his slave. His cuteness is a trap.

  • lmao I love how Suga and RM just headbanged through the whole thing 😂 😂

  • 1:20 cause he is a bunny!! 🐰

  • Jungkook

  • V said we know after jimmy saying jimin is such a cheater is their most funny part lol 😂

  • BTS 박지민 한효선 슈가 제이홀 전정국

  • They are naturally talented and funny ........they dont need any written script to make army laugh.............borahhare bts........saranghe😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💜💜I PURPLE YOU

  • Yeah Jimin vs jimmy

  • "junkoo wins!" me: 🤕🙌

  • At the end after time ran out a few on jungkooks fell out

  • Rm won tho

  • Junkoo =)

  • The host is really lucky

  • Jimin lets the remote fall on floor one second later Jimin be like" Yes I'm still here people

  • one of my favorites xDDD

  • 3:01 sec correction Not rm vs jin its MOM VS DAD

  • 2:49 is the best scene Jimin You are sucha a cheater 🤣🤣🤧🤧

  • don't yell at my mochi like that 😒

  • 😂😂😂

  • 2:50 jimin you are such a cheater!!🤪

  • Youngest but winner

  • Please do with blackpink

  • Jungkook can do enithing

  • They got a tie on the last round bc 2 more of them fell out the guitar when the timer ended

  • Kookie wins Army: acts shocked

  • Yes jungkook is the winner💜💜💜

  • Omg i started shaking my phone at the last game😂

  • JUNGKOOK WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The winner is rm bcoz jk shaked the guitar even after the buzzer

  • I don't know why...but when RM and jungkook were shaking the guitar...I started shaking my phone...why ?? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅

  • Vs junkoo 🥲👀

  • Congratulations Jungkook😄 All members are soo cute and sooo funny 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Meanwhile Others:Couting Meanwhile Jin:*checking are they more picks inside*

  • When Jungkook turn is jk look like bunny

  • other members counting junkook's those little things and junkook entertaining us by playing the guitar

  • Funny

  • Me:just enjoying the show Jimmy:calls jungkook jungkoo the whole time

  • Obviously jk wins

  • Jung kook is the right

  • Why jung ko

  • Hahaha I'm watching after 10 months ....and I'm not bored

  • is it me or they said "jungoo'' instead of jungkook lol

  • While they were shaking the guitar.. Idk wtf am I shaking my phone 😆😆

  • Jin wins. Jin be like: I am the Worldwide Perfect Man. Bro😎

  • My bias 🥰

  • Okay but The "K" in "Jungkook" isn't supposed to be silent, right? So why are THEY CALLING HIM JUNGKOO

  • Jimin u r such a cheater...yes u r..coz u stole army's hearts..

  • i love how well they all did in the taking part in the challenge that's the best bit

  • i love how jungkook wins at the end

  • i love this its so fun and its nice to see bts have fun aswell as us enjoying watching the video

  • nowine.info/loft/bJmrrazQoaiaiIY/video

  • 😍❤️ Hahaha 💖😍


  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jungkook took advantage of friction due to the buttons. Genius

  • Jimmy must've gotten to know how Jimin cheated at subway lmao he is adorable.

  • #Unstopable

  • They are naturally funy

  • Actually after the time limit stopped 1 or 2 more picks fell frm JK'S guitar..😂😂

  • I honestly thought Namjoon was gonna be the one to break the guitar, and remotes. 😂

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • 와우 한글 자막 실화냐 캐감동💜

  • I'm here

  • At the end Army: who is winner? Army: I do not know who won Army: hint: its maknae Army: Jungkook? Army: YES IT IS

  • Jimmy: jimin you’re such a cheater HAHAHAHA

  • this is my all-time fav. video here😂

  • Here again after the tweet

  • why don't they ever say pronounce the k at the end of jungkooK's name